maandag 5 maart 2012

The Dealer Room: Running the gauntlet.

The Dealer Room can be a fun place to be. It can show you a good spread of goodies. It can be a treasure trove to some, where lost treasures are to be found. That one item you have been looking for all this time. But also a trilling bargain hunt can give you a lot of pleasure. However, this post's PSA addresses a serious problem I've often encountered:

That´s what this post is all about: how to get through the dealer room and get your goodies out safely.

Preparation is also half the battle
The dealer room is a crowded place. A lot of folks will be visiting the same stands as you. However, don't rush to the nearest stand because the have some cool stuff. Plan your stay carefully, maybe visit again later. Here's a good way to get through a dealer room relatively unscathed:

  • Survey the room, find the exit, check the aisle between dealers.
  • Do a "dry run" first. Find out what all dealers are selling.
  • Plan your route.
  • Balance your budget. Remember; you'll need to eat and get home!
  • Make your purchases.
  • Use your route for a safe exit.
  • Drop your goodies at the wardrobe or in your room.

When you're planning your route, be sure to check for shortcuts through other aisles, check for big crowds and avoid those. Stick to these tips and you'll be safe ;).

Getting your goodies
Something that is fairly unique in a Dealer Room is a possibility to haggle. Ask what an item costs and offer a lower price. This only works at the end of the day or on a Sunday. Most of the time you can really bring the price down if you know how to haggle properly. Don't offer peanuts when they want walnuts. This can save you a small bundle if you do it right.

This only works on less popular items. For popular ones, find the cheapest dealer buy it right away. Because those will be sold out by Sunday. If the convention is only a single day apply this rule as a default.

Also prioritize your purchases. If you can get something you want nice and cheap somewhere else, try to haggle, if unsuccessful you will be left with two choices: a) walk away and buy it at a cheaper store/ebay or b)buy it at that price and support the dealer. Sometimes it's better to pay a little more to give back to our community. The dealers pay good money to be in the dealer room. You can make it worth their wile. They may bring even nicer goodies next year if they have a good run.

In closing I'd like to add to remember that the dealer room is not a hangout. To quote Walter:

"Welcome to the Dealer Room. Get yer shit and get out!"

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