maandag 5 maart 2012

Otaku Funk: it's real.

We all have experienced it. That disturbing smell in the smaller places of a convention or in lines. A pungent sensation ramming itself up your nose relentlessly. It's B.O. in it's purest form. The silent menace... Otaku Funk...

I couldn't find an appropriate one, so this is the next best thing...

Back in the day when I started nearly six years ago I actually requested if I could turn the hose on visitors. Just to make sure they took care of personal hygiene, I also tried to get a deodorant manufacturer to sponsor us for free deodorant samples. Why? Because people on convention generally have poor personal hygiene.

In the "Urban Dictionary" we find the following definition:

1.Otaku Funk19 up8 down
The pungent smell when multiple hardcore anime fans or "otaku/weaboo" have gathered. This is mostly due to lack of proper hygiene.
I stopped going to anime conventions because of the Otaku Funk.

The Otaku Funk at his place is over 9x10^3

The funk is strong with this one
Washing yourself in the morning and taking a shower in the evening are by no means a luxury. It's even considerate to your fellow visitors. Oddly, it's mostly men that have this, erm, "problem". But as I always say, there is no problem as long as there is a solution. So, onto solving this little inconvenience. 

 extra bottle of deodorant should be on your person at all times. Use it when you get sweaty. Also, pack some extra t-shirt for the convention, don't wear the same on for more than a day at a time. If you plan to volunteer, take a clothing rack with you and hang you shirt out to air out a bit. Febreze is your friend here. Use it to treat stinky clothing.
Regular showering and washing yourself properly in the morning helps you getting rid of unwanted odors.

Using an anti-transpiration deodorant is also a good idea. I prefer Rexona or Gillette. Works like a charm. Body sprays can complement these perfectly. Plus you smell nice all around. So when you stand in a line and you smell something odd, check yourself first...

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